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Birchbox #BeautyJunkie August 2015

Birchbox #BeautyJunkie August 2015

Contents of Birchbox #BeautyJunkie August 2015

Emojis. Stickers. Two things that combined make anything better, not that the August Birchbox really needed it. #BeautyJunkie is the name behind this cute box, and this is defiantly the best all rounder of a beauty box I've seen in a while. The Balm, Lord & Berry and Illamasqua? In one box? Yep, this was going to be pleaser before I opened it up, and got past the stickers of course. So inside...

Birchbox #BeautyJunkie August 2015 TheBalm
Birchbox #BeautyJunkie August 2015 Stickers

Huygens Exfoliating Cream | A creamy scrub that uses a rather odd ingredient of rice particles to smooth and purify without irritation. I didn't even know rice and skincare was a thing.

Illamasqua HydraVeil | Fixing the gap between makeup & skincare. Illamasqua have made this to give out extra moisture before my usual foundation to rehydrate and smooth my skin. 

Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo | This is meant to be used just once or twice a month when product build up and styling stress have left your hair looking dull. 

Rituals Indian Rose & Multani Clay Purifying Body Scrub | Anything that smells of rose has a place in my body care routine. Clay based, and also doubles up as a body mask,

TheBalm Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush | Who doesn't like TheBalm? Exactly. This shade of bronzer is ideal for me and my pale skin for a bit of extra colour without looking like I have a dirty face. 

Lord & Berry Blush in Lotus | Mauve colour blushes are my thing, so naturally I love this. Although I hate to sound spoilt but...this is one tiny sample and doesn’t sweep easily onto my brush. Yet I have survived this and still adore the colour.

Lifestyle Extra: Emoji Stickers | As if stickers need a explanation, but I can see a notebook near me getting decorated very soon.
No doubt you can tell I am rather impressed with this months Birchbox, and for me its one of the better ones. I'll skip how much I love the stickers as I'll sound about 15, so for £10 Birchbox have done well. And kept me amused for a few hours..

What do you think of the #BeautyJunkie Birchbox?

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