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What I have Been Loving This Week

Black Cat with flower bouquet

Something odd has happened...we are ONE week away from AUGUST and I seem to lost about 4 months. Brilliant. In this time warp, I've also lost my weekly posts, as its defiantly been a fair few weeks since I've last done one of these, May to be exact. But as I have included the most irrelevant photo of my cat, then hopefully no one will notice I have consistency issues. 

The 'Twenty Sumtin Sumtin' 7 Reason to be happy this month | Well, why wouldn't you want to be happy? And what Anne - Marie has managed with this post is not your typical 'you have a lovely mum' (sorry mum) type of points, all these 7 reasons made me think.

She's So Lucy's keep on trying | Few points with this one, 1. I'm not having a emotional week, promise. 2. Not there is anything wrong with that. 3. But for some reason these motivational posts seem to be sticking in my mind this week. 4. Not only is Lucy's post self explanatory, its a must read.

Porcelain Beauty, how to wear purples post | I feel a bit like a naught school child with this, as I can't tell you how many people tell me to wear purple eyeshadow, but do I? Course not. Heather has my purple phobia (if you can call it that) sorted. Just beware your bank balance might diminish if you read this one.

Pinterest | I am awfully sorry if you do follow me on Pinterest, as this week there is nothing I haven't pinned. Cute of photos of pets I want? Photos of where I wish I was? Photos of what I wished I could look like? And photos of what I think are humorous quotes? Check. Over 12,600 pins later and I need rehab. Or least to delete the app.

What have you been loving this week?

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