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The Current Favourites

the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash, Benefit Roller Lash, Cocoa Brown Tan, Scunci Insta Twist,
This could (and probably should in the blogging world) be a 'monthly' favourites posts. But as I have never done one of those before, and the chances of me doing one next month are ridiculously small, I'll just stick to this being my current favourites. Saying that, this is only a tiny selection of what I have been obsessing with recently as I am sure like most of you, my beauty draws are slightly overflowing.

First, is of course a mascara, and don't ask what on earth has happened as if you read my initial post on this I didn't really like it. But whatever happened, Benefit Roller Lash* has not been put down over here. It might be length, it might be the definition or it might even just be as I was completely wrong on this mascara, but I a Roller Lash convert.

Next probably just as surprising is a fake tan. I am stupidly fickle between every brand going, yet Cocoa Brown Tan* do seem to be the one I use the most. Maybe its just as I only have to wait a hour for a tan from this, but I love the brown glow I get from this. Even my mum uses it, and we all know mothers are indeed right.

Lastly, is a slightly odd yet hair saving object in the form of the Scunci Insta Twist*. Not as scary as this looks, as all I have been doing is popping two bits of hair under the clamps and twirling them up and pining them to my head. Think boho braids for when your hair isn't behaving, like mine never does. This tool has been fixing my bad hair days no end. Just don't show a photo of this a man (or girl I guess) as there might not be the cleanest of thoughts....

What are your current favourites?

*PR Sample/Gift

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