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The Caudalie Rose De Vigne Fragrance

The Caudalie Rose De Vigne Fragrance Review

Oh Caudalie. Why are you so luxurious? If its not your Divine Body Scrub its your new Caudalie Rose De Vigne Fresh Fragrance £26. Help me, and my bank account.

Like expected I have fallen for Caudalie's newest fragrance, the Rose de Vigne. Aimed to 'capture the quiet and idyllic atmosphere of the vineyards with the arrival of spring', while be light and airy like you would imagine for a summer scent. As I have never ventured into a vineyard, and not at summer, I can't say if Rose De Vigne smells like the name suggests. But what I can say is that this is pure rose scent heaven, yet not with the typical heaviness you might expect as thrown into the mix is crispy rhubarb and grapefruit and warmed by white musks and woods amber. Although I'll be honest, and I cant smell the rhubarb (luckily) nor the grapefruit really, but there is a bit of a sharpness to this rose which makes non old lady like. 

Have you tried the Caudalie Rose De Vigne Fragrance?

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