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Benefit Cosmetics They're Real in colour

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real in colour

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real in colour mascara & liner

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real in colour mascara brown

Check this out. Stop what you're doing (except reading this obviously) and have a look at what I have. Only my favourite duo in colour form. Welcome Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Colour. Admittedly I am not one for coloured eye products as I abused them enough in my teen years to put me off a lifetime, yet as of course as its Benefit I had to give the new range a whirl. Plus they came with M&'M's so I was hardly going to refuse was I?

The Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara now comes in two new colourful shades along with 4 new colourful shades in the Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Push Up Liner. I may be biased, but I do think I have the best of the colours, well for me at least, as in the liner I have a somewhat shocking blue, named appropriately beyond blue. Luckily this isn't a royal or turquoise blue like I was scared of, but more of a deep navy that sits perfectly with my mascara for a surprisingly even gel line. I have even surprised myself that after all these years blue eyeliner is back in my makeup bag.

For my favourite ever mascara, I have the shade Beyond Brown. Probably not one to wear with the blue eyeliner, unless you're brave, as this is a rich chocolate brown with a warm undertone. Not too surprising here, but for a mascara addict brown mascara is one that does often enter my radar. As if I could wear a darker colour than black mascara, I would. Yet this brown mixed with my favourite voluming and lash catching formula is perfect for a more natural everyday look. Which as I am flying through my 20's is actually the sorts of days I am having more often. The old saying is 'life is better in colour', and I defiantly agree.

Will you be trying the Benefit Cosmetics They're Real in colour?

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