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Miss Sporty Stay Perfect Concealer Stick

Miss Sporty Stay Perfect Concealer Stick Review

So this weekend my heart got broken... First time in my life and being 22 that isn't bad is it? And you want to know what happened...my Benefit Boi-ing concealer ran out the same week my bank account apparently ran out of funds too. Hhhmpp. I love that concealer, I really do, there is not another one I have tried that actually covered all my blemishes, dark circles and well all my sins with one little pot. Yes it was pricey but oh so worth it, and running out right before I get my next pay check is just heartbreaking, so in need of concealer badly I embarked on a trip to Superdrug to see what I could find.

I know Miss Sporty is that brand you buy when your 13 and deeply convinced you need every makeup item available to go on your face, and I was purposely after the cheapest offerings as I will repurchase my Benefit one ASAP so spending a lot just seemed like false economy. I actually went to pick up MUA concealer stick but they had sold out, think the launch of their One Direction makeup line might have something to do with that. So for 79p more for £1.79 I got hold of the Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Cover Stick.

Miss Sporty Stay Perfect Concealer Stick Swatch

This comes in a whooping 3 shades (note the sarcasm) of light, medium and dark. And to me pretty all for Caucasian skin, I got the medium shade and this is still pretty light! It is also a anti blemish stick apparently, with a oil free and stay put formula that does have a thick texture that does apply very well, much to my surprise. 

The colour is a peachy colour that cancels out both my red marks and black (tired) eyes and even more to my surprise blends in very well with my fingers. I have paired it up next to Benefit below just for comparisons. It is a tad cakey but the colour doesn't make it obvious, unless you really stared up close at my face, which I don't normally let people do so I think I'll be okay! Plus this stayed put for around 6 hours before I needed to do any touch ups. It does have a matte finish so bare that in mind if you wanted it purely for under eyes as you might not be happy with the results, but for everywhere else on your face this really does the job.

Overall? You know what, I am impressed. Yes by no means will it be taking over Benefit but for £1.79 it is very worth the money and does do what I want, bags and blemishes gone. You can barely buy a bottle of Pepsi Max for the cost of this. 

Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Cover Stick - £1.79

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