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Where else can you find me?

Where else can you find me?

Hey lovelies, just thought I would do a post on where else you can find me on the over the Internet and other social networks. You know, just incase your stalking urges take over...but please, feel free.

Firstly is Twitter, my next place of rambling choice, and yes I think I do tweet too much. But surely that is just the point of Twitter. I am at @Mascaramalteser

Twitter for Mascara & Maltesers - Mascaramalteser

Next up in Bloglovin, anyone who follows me on Twitter will more than likely know that I am useless with Bloglovin, for some reason I just don't get on with it, but I will keep powering through until I get it! Come find me at Mascara & Maltesers.

Bloglovin for Mascara & Maltesers

Next we have Pinterest, which I have the worst addiction too. I can (and do) spend hours browsing and pinning pretty much anything! But thanks to Pinterest I now know what my future house will look like, what food I will serve, how my hair should look and amongst all that I do pin some makeup inspiration. Honest! Come join my addiction at Mascara & Maltesers  

Pinterest for Mascara & Maltesers - Belle B

Lastly we have Instagram, I did only really use this for 'personal' use but I have merged the two (plus my personal life wasn't that interesting) and this is the place you'll see my face and my life outside makeup appear the most, where I am at...annabelflorence

Instagram for Mascara & Maltesers - belle_2311

So if you did fancy joining me else where on the web you now know where you can...

Is there any other social media sites I should join? Just don't say Facebook as I've deactivated my account!

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