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5 Best Beauty Finds You'll Find On The High Street

5 Best High Street/Drugstore Beauty Finds

I am aware that there are only 4 products in this photo, but in true me style as I went to photograph this did I have any Batiste Dry Shampoo? No, course not, that would make everything to easy, but I've still included it below as it firmly deserves a place on this list. These are not in any particular order, just simply alphabetical...

Barry M Lip Paint £4.99 | Barry M is just one of those brands I head to for on trend colours, without leaving to too larger hole in my purse. After years of actually avoiding Barry M thanks to me abusing the colour choices in my teens, think green and purple eyeshadows, and a few lunch time detentions. Now I just love this shade (No.100) of barbie pink, with a matte finish and high colour pigmentation, and used with a lip balm base, lasts all day too. Easily a MAC Snob dupe in my eyes.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (normally) £2.99 | This pretty much sells itself, and I rarely come across someone who doesn't like, even more so now they actually cater them for hair colours so brunette girls (and guys, do they use this!?) don't get the talcum powder look. This is just excellent for absorbing grease, lifting my hair at the roots and generally making my hair acceptable to step out my front door, even if the length since my last hair wash isn't...

Bourjois Tanning Primer £9.99 | This is a new summer product for Bourjois as has been hailed as a Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Univere dupe. I have never tried Chanel's offerings but I won't need to as I completely love this from Bourjois. I was seriously worried that using this under my foundation would leave me looking distinctly Oompa Loompa-like, but much to my amazement just gave me such a natural tan whilst keeping my foundation in place. This gives a colour way more natural than a facial tanner can do, and I can't rave enough about this product, can you tell?!

L'oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara £10.99 | Like I quickly mentioned, mascara is one of those products I'll always pay more for as I love the false lash look. Very natural of course. But L'oreal are my drugstore to go brand for mascara, not only do they have so much choice, their mascaras actually work. False Lash Flutter is very much a mascara for those who love volume, but still keeping the lashes defined. And of course as the name suggests a false lash flutter. Or for a more natural look I highly recommend Max Factor Clump Defy, I love this for a daytime look, my second option.

Superdrug Coconut Oil £2.99 | This is very much a new find for me, although my love for coconut scented products is not, I have never come across coconut oil for my hair. I had tried many different oils, almond, olive and argan to name a few but they were pushed to the side when I found this beauty. Not only is it multi purpose so you can use this as skincare, the benefits I have found since using this are pretty much endless. My natural shoulder length hair has, wait for it...grown past my shoulders for the first time since I've been about 13! May be pure chance, however nothing else has changed for it too take on this sudden growth spurt, even so my hair has been left incredibly soft with my dry scalp gone. My hair has even achieved shine, which us blondes know is one hard task. If your still not sold on this, and honestly all these rambling views are my own (!), then you just need to buy this anyway just for the smell. I have since got so excited about Coconut Oil, I gave it its own review.

So there we have it, my low down on my 5 Best High Street Beauty Finds, I actually struggled to compose this list as there was so many more products I could of added, Boots and Superdrug have done me well recently.

What are your high street must haves?

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