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Playing Tourist: Christmas (ish) Edition

Hever Castle, England,
The View of Hever Castle, England
The Hever Castle, England, Grounds

Outside Hever Castle, England,  and the grounds

Hever Castle, Kent UK at Christmas
My castle obsession has had to take a back seat recently thanks to the winter. Cold and me don't mix. But there has just been Christmas, and of course as a result I ventured outside for Christmas castles. Hever Castle was featured in when I Played Tourist for the first time back in the summer, and being a sort of castle expert now, I think this is the best castle, ever. 

Being the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England, and one (the second) of King Henry VIII wives, this is the castle with a real Tudor connection. I'll skip my less than able history lesson and just let the pictures do the talking. And as you can see Hever Castle really had gone festive for my visit a few days ago, Christmas trees and all. So I am very glad I wrapped up (if only you could of seen my michelin man winter layers) to visit Hever, and it almost had me in the festive spirt, in January. If that isn't impressive, I don't know what it. 

Have you been to Hever Castle?

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