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The (Much Awaited) Makeup Revolution Makeup Brushes

New Makeup Revolution Makeup Brushes Entire Range

Makeup Revolution Makeup Brushes The review of the entire range

Makeup Revolution Makeup Brushes eye
Oh no. That was my exact thoughts when I heard Makeup Revolution were realising a Makeup Brush Range. Its no secret I adore their makeup and am constantly amazed just how they do it. But makeup brushes? That is a whole other terrority that a budget brand just shouldn't venture in my eyes. I quite literally had cheaper brushes falling on my face in hope budget brushes would do. But boy, I was wrong.

With 9 brushes in total, 5 for the face and 4 for the eyes. All made from the 'finest' synthetic hair and very animal friendly is a very good starting point. As as totally expected with Makeup Revolution their prices are spot on; starting at £1.50 and the most expensive brush is £3.75. Or you can get the entire range for £20, which I believe is about the same amount as one brush by a certain well know brand beginning with R-T...

The Makeup Revolution Makeup Brushes

With the signature rose gold accents and all black look these look far more expensive and classy. Although the plastic sleeves didn't make my photos. They are so shiny you would see my (non makeup/hair/generally a mess) face in the reflections, which of course I didn't realise till editing. Scruffy faces aside, lets get down to the brushes.

Pro F103 Stippling Brush (£3) |  This flat-topped brush is for use with blending foundation and creating that perfect looking base. With slightly longer bristles then some, but still does the job.

Pro F101 Foundation Brush (£3) | I've not used a flat foundation brush in a while, but what better time to start again? Nothing like a new brush for inspiration.

Pro F102 Concealer Brush (£1.95) | This is big enough to use for blemishes, yet the rounded end is great and small enough for under eye areas.

Pro F104 Powder Brush (£3.75)  | A domed shaped, big, soft brush which is just perfect for applying powder, sorry stating the obvious, or a powder foundation.

Pro F105 Contour Brush (£3) | A good fit brush for under the cheek bones for my beloved contouring, and even work to sweep blush across my cheeks.

Pro E101 Eyeshadow Brush (£1.95) | This little eyeshadow brush works in smaller areas for detail or, using over my entire lid by building up the colour, or covering up mistakes. 

Pro E102 Eyeshadow Contour Brush (£1.95) | For a bit of eye shadow contouring, and a tad smaller than the one above.  

Pro E103 Eyeshadow Blending Brush (£1.95) | Again, sorry stating the obvious but this is firm enough to blend in my creases or blending out at the edges. Or once more covering up my mistakes.

Pro E104 Eyebrow Brush (£1.50) | Much better than my current one as its slim enough for the close brow details, yet still enough to build it up for my Cara Delevingne days.

Plus my inner Monica was very happy to receive the Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Brush Shampoo (£5) and the Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Brush Cleaner (£5). No more baby shampoo washes for me and my brushes. The Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner you just spritz directly on the brush, then gently wipe brush across a clean tissue until brush is completely clean. And the shampoo is used, well just like shampoo. But in all seriousness these brushes are just pretty amazing, so much so I can't actually comprehend how Makeup Revolution have done it again. But yet again I have been proved wrong.

Will you be using the Makeup Revolution Makeup Brushes?

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