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My MAC Velvet Teddy replacement

The MAC Japanese Maple

MAC Japanese Maple Lipstick Review and Swatches

Damn you Miss Kylie Jenner. Before your lips (fake or not) hit the headlines, and told the world that is was all down to the MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick, I could very easily get hold of one of my favourite MAC nudes. But not now, sold out everywhere. There should be some special supply of MAC Velvet Teddy for those of us who used it pre-Kylie Jenner. Selfishly, there isn't, so being bored of my MAC's Myth Lipstick I went on a mission to find a new nude from the ever price increasing brand, MAC.

MAC Velvet Teddy is a deep tone beige with a matte finish, compared to the MAC Japanese Maple (£15.50) I picked up, a netural toned beige, actually described as a "frosted light beige".

The nude beige tone is similar to that MAC's Myth, but Japanese Maple is a much more subtle shade due to the semi-opaque finish. That high shine gives a glossy affect making my lips appear more plumped (aka, the Kylie Jenner look). The only downside to this lipstick is it requires a few touch-ups to keep the sheen, but then I obsessively redo my lipstick, so I barely noticed. 

And despite this not being a matte finish like the beloved MAC Velvet Teddy, this has become a daily staple in my lipstick collection. So in a way, thank you Miss Jenner as you have broaden my MAC lipstick knowledge.

Have you tried MAC's Japanese Maple?

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