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The Sunday Pick Me Ups: Part Two

Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Cologne, Loreal True Match Liquid Highligher in Golden Glow, Loreal, Jo Malone,

There are (rare) occasions where chocolate doesn't fix situations, and wine is just too heavy for Sunday evening when you know you will have a hangover all week, so where to turn? Beauty and makeup naturally. My previous Sunday Pick Me Ups still ring true, but I can always find additions to add to the list of products that make me feel like it isn't really Sunday evening....

Post weekend makeup my skin and face looks dead, and a glow real or fake always makes me feel better. Especially when it is of the highlighting kind. Hello Loreal True Match Liquid Highligher in Golden Glow. Even though I just use this for highlighting and strobing purposes, I find my entire complexion looks brighter and more alive. Ideally made for more medium skin tones, I find this still blends in and looks subtle enough make me feel much more alive than I'll ever feel on a Sunday. 

So why is it that all Jo Malone colognes smell good? That can't be right...well at least that is what my bank account says. The Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Cologne is no different and a spritz of this perfume has never failed to lift my mood with it mixture of fruitiness and freshness there is something weirdly comforting about this scent. A scent that can make me feel like I have my life together on a Sunday evening? This is the one. 

What are your Sunday night pick me ups?

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