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Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil

When I saw this in Boots for £2.10 half price there was no way I wasn't getting it, containg my three favourite things, vanilla, coconut and cocoa butter (I think me being a chocoholic has something to do with that). Apparently Coleen Rooney loves this and credits it to her smooth and soft skin. Think she meant during pregnancy but oh well I still wanted to try. Baby or no baby. 

I always use Palmers Cocoa Butter and I'm in love with it so new products will (and do) have a hard time being a replacement. With the gorgeous smell I did have high hopes for Vaseline and tried it straight away. No blogging about a products months after buying it here. This gels comes in a clear bottle which I love. I like to see how much of the product I have left, and this does the job. Plus you can see little air bubbles which I like for a strange reason.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil

Although there is no butter like qualities I fell in love with this one from the very first time application. The application is a little unusual though, do not rub it onto hands first and then transfer to body, the right way is to squeeze desired quantity onto hands then place in little portions around the desired (towel dried) body area and then rub into the skin. It really gets absorbs quickly and totally non-greasy, the fact that I like the most. It defiantly has a thicker formula that normal gel but really does the job. The sheen it left behind was so nice I coated myself before a night on the town to give my body a go.

Overall this is a must have total repurchase! Even at the normal price of £5.10 it's worth every penny. There is no reason not to try this if you love Cocoa Butter, and if you don't - what is wrong with you? Actually, I would like to hear if/why you don't like it...

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil £5.10. From Boots at the moment for £2.10. Stock up.

Have you tried Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil?

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