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Christian Dior Extase Mascara

Christian Dior Extase Mascara
Christian Dior Extase Mascara

Firstly, I do have to apologies for the lack of proper photos for this mascara. I was brought this last year, threw away the packaging etc, decided I hate the mascara and totally forgot about it. It's been a few tries with this mascara and decided I should give it a proper review.

The mascara does come in a silver box, as do all Dior mascaras. I should know considering I have DiorShow Blackout and DiorShow Iconic, both of which I really love. Hence my excitement and subsequent dissapointment from Extase. Both my previous dabbles with Dior mascaras left me with the conclusion I love Dior makeup. I've also got a few eyeshadow pallets which are also on my love list, so naturally I asked for a new Dior mascara for my birthday last year and received this.

Christian Dior Extase Mascara

Okay, first off the brush looks good. With a 3 times curved brush ( can't think of another way to describe it...) and being fairly big too I was expecting to receive a lot of volume, which as I'll explain in a minute, I didn't.

So, on to the formula and application...the consistency is really not what I hoped for, it was so so wet that actually on my first go with this barely any mascara actually went onto my lashes, very strange, but I kept going. Then my eyelashes clumped together to form practically two eyelashes (okay slight exaggeration, but you get my drift!) and it was so hard to try and reapply and brush over then in a attempt to separate them out. Nope, my eyelashes were staying this way. I know I like a bit of exaggeration from my lashes but oh my, this was awful. Once it finally dried I still hated the look as it did nothing for my eyelashes whatsoever, it just looked like I barely bothered with my lashes and honestly like I'd applied a cheaper drugstore brand. It was either going to be stupidly clumped, or barely visible lashes so just shoved this in my draw and forgot I owned it.

Christian Dior Extase Mascara

That was until last week, and I was feeling a bit strange on how I had discredited this so much and attempted another ago. Nope still hate it. So I am determined and used this everyday battling through the lash stress to see if my mind could be changed. To be fair it has a bit, I no longer hate it, it's just not one I would ever consider repurchasing. 

The formula has dried up quite a lot, which as you can see here is something I prefer, making the application a bit easier. But it just feels like the brush does nothing, what on earth that curved wand is for I'll never know, but it's definitely no volume. Compared to Lancome Hypnose Drama there is no comparison at all. Don't buy this if like me you like your volume, you will not be happy. The only positive is that now it does give my lashes a bit of length but nothing I am thrilled about.
Overall a very disappointing mascara Dior.

Christian Dior Extase Mascara £23 from Boots.

Have you tried Christian Dior Extase Mascara? 

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