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Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation

Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation

Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation

I am carrying on my determination here to love Seventeen products. I mean how can I dislike such a pocket friendly brand? Well at the moment they definitely not my favourite, and the Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation has defiantly confirmed that. 

The matte foundation is fairly new I believe and heavily promoted on the Seventeen stand as the main foundation. There's 6 shades. Soft ivory, Honey, Biscuit, Fair, Natural, Porcelain. Personally, I don't think there's enough shades, can 6 shades cater for all the skin tones out there? Very much doubt it. I feel it actually caters for the paler of skin tones and a few of the shades were quite alike and more for the pinker skin tones. Note for Seventeen there...

Being a Matte finish, the foundation won't be for everyone, I was worried as I have dry skin and that is a bit of a beauty faux pas. Containing no oil this would be a better choice for those will oily/combination skin. Oh and includes the usual SPF 15, like every other foundations these days. To carry on with the positives, I do love the bottle. I like to be able to see how much product is left, and with pink being my favourite colour of I love the lid.

Unfortunately this is as far as my liking goes for this foundation. It does apply fairly well, but blending it in was a complete nightmare. The stuff just wouldn't blend in. At all. Considering I has exfoliated, moisturised and primed my skin I wasn't expecting this. The product just stuck to my cheeks in dark lumps making my makeup routine twice as long. When I finally made my face presentable, I found the foundation stayed put for a while, only to 'bunch' on my face again and then to go all patchy..arghh stress. I did like the colour and the matte finish so I was very disappointed that it just didn't stay put and go on smoothly.

This won't be a repurchase at all, shame as at £5.99 I really wish I could love it.

Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation - £5.99 at Boots

Have you tried Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation?

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