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Lee Stafford Coco Loco Mousse & Hairspray

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I don't often buy things purely for one reason. Well okay, that may be a slight lie I am a slight magpie for pretty things, but generally speaking I like to buy things when there are a few reasons for me to do so. But did this happen recently? Of course not, I saw the word coconut and the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Mousse and Hairspray just fell into my basket....

To give myself credit, I do know I like Lee Stafford haircare and their 'Hair that doesn't grow' range has been a massive hit in my bathroom but I hadn't really seen much on his new coconut range, but nevertheless being a huge coconut fan this purchase was a 'no brainer'. The hairspray is designed to, well do what hairspray generally does and keep hair in place. No hairspray has ever overtaken Elnette, it's Elnette then everything else, but this Coconut hairspray is on par. Yes, on par. No not better, but just as good. Its does just what I want, holds my hair in place without 'showing', and stays in all day and then brushes out. An added bonus for this pink can? Not only does it smell of coconut (duh), you can smell the coconut when you move your head. Genius.

The mousse in similar fashion is designed to give soft, big, bouncy hair with a deliciously coconut scent, and that it does. Its less of a stiff foam then others, but disappears into my hair and leaves me with hair that is full of volume and with no crispy fringe in sight. This is the first mousse I have actually stuck with using, usually I don't see any benefit so I don't bother but Coco Loco has changed this.

Both were so worth the impulse purchase, and if anything my nose definitely thanks me on a daily basis with the coconut trace following me round - being a magpie for coconut has worked in mine, and my flat fringe, favour.  

Have you tried the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Range?

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