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Pamper Time...No 6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might of seen that yesterday I got pampered. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday, at all. I was lucky enough to pop in the No6 Clinic in Tunbridge Wells to receive one of their power facials. Anything to help my skin this time of year is welcome, especially with the name 'power'. Not really being up on beauty treatments (bad I know) I hadn't really come across the different types of facials that there are. I just thought they shoved products on your face, rub it in and, voila, you're done. Erm, well, how I was wrong. I firstly received an in-depth consultation with the lovely aesthetician Beth, who assessed my skin type and all sorts of issues including acne, rosacea, sun damaged skin, hyper pigmentation and ageing skin. Not that I have aging skin, yet mind you.

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The facial I received has actually been developed by No6 to "help maintain healthy skin using a combination of advanced treatments in 45 minutes to produce amazing results." Can't complain at that little promise. And after a double cleanse, as yes I am the sort of girl who turns up for a facial with foundation applied, was the facial peel. The best way to describe this is like if you applied Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker onto your face and left it tingling. I love anything with that sort of feeling on my skin as it feels like its getting a proper good clean. 
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No 6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells Cleanse
No 6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells Foot Massage

Next, my face got put under the Omnilux medical infra red light, which plumps out the skin by stimulating collagen and increasing hydration. This was strange. Think of a sunbed for your face, but obviously doing your skin some good, plus I did feel like I was sunning myself on a beach. Just with my mum chattering away in the corner. I even got a little foot massage, hence why my feet have made an appearance in the photos, definitely would of painted my toes if I had known and not end up showing my polish that has more than likely been on all winter. Lastly Beth applied an antioxidant Idebenone combined with AHA and vitamin A lotion.

Complete heaven. And my skin is so soft. Pardon the cliche, but baby skin smooth. If you're in the Tunbridge Wells area you need to pop in. You just must.
Have a nose at No6 Clinic here:  No 6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells

Have you ever had a facial treatment that wowed you?

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