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My Beauty Commandments...How did I do?

Not a particularly interesting post today, more of my thoughts rambled out on my have been warned. So at the beginning of September I blogged my 'My Beauty Commandments' that I was hoping to keep up for one month. That was all, not forever as I do have commitment issues that would make any promises highly unlikily, plus only keeping these up for one month gives me more of chance of success. So how did I do?

'Not to pluck my eyebrows' This one I did not have high hopes for, I pretty much thought I would have a monobrow by day two. But guess what? I DID IT! And I have still not plucked them, it is weirdly addictive as now I just can't bare to touch them. They are like a bushy work of art, and admittedly not too messy (or so I have been told), I will tidy them slightly this week but I am on a serious growing mission with these bad boys now. Watch out Cara...

'Wear less mascara'. Again, not much hope held for this. I didn't really have much optimism did I? But I have done fairly well, yes to look at me I would still be classed in most peoples 'Spider Eyelash' category but I would say I am less Tarantula and more Moneypenny spider now. And this is the only eye makeup I wear everyday so give me some credit!

'Remove makeup with cleanser not face wipes'. Easy, completed without fail and I am actually enjoying this little routine now, plus my skin looks way better. Seriously someone should of told me to do this sooner...ahem.

'Sort out my makeup draw'. Errr how can I say this? Total and utter fail. I haven't even so much looked into sorting this one out. Although on the flip side, if  'Sort out my makeup draw' somehow translates to 'Add lots of makeup to a already over crammed draw' then I did excellently!

'Have fun with my makeup'. Well if you saw my last post on the MUA Power Pout Lip Crayons then I think you'll agree I did do well here, I have gone from wear only nude, even pink was 'out there' for me. I have now gone to wear a deep berry red on my lips everyday, and I love it. Darker next please!

Phew, not too bad! Did anyone else do anything similar in the past month?

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