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Dirty Works Banish the Bags Eye Cream

Dirty Works Banish the Bags Eye Cream

Dirty Works Banish the Bags Eye Cream

If your anything like me you might be struggling getting older. I know I know, I am hardly past it at all, but there is something about your early 20's where every year just seems like a huge gap. Anyone else find this? I turn 23 a month before Christmas so therefore in my eyes I am nearly in my mid 20's. Logical yes? Maybe not, but even still I want to start using an eye cream as prevention is much easier than trying to fix them. I didn't want a heavy anti-wrinkle one just yet but just a little pick me up for my eyes to help with bags/dark circles/any cheeky wrinkles. A Google search later and I found the Dirty Works Banish the Bags Eye Cream stocked in Sainsburys for a bargain of £4.99. 

Dirty Works Banish The Bags Eye Cream claims to reduce the appearance of under eye circles and bags. This is a fragrance free cream that would be perfect for people with sensitive skin. It also claims to tighten and brighten the eye area. Perfect.

For the price this cream is a complete steal, its super hydrating and even contains one of my favourite ingredients; Shea butter but is completely fragrance free being suitable for my little sensitive eyes. This really has really helped brighten up my awful dark circles and puffy tired eyes, whilst not leaving a greasy residue, nor leaving my easy puffy in the mornings as some eye creams have done before. I find as well this has great light reflecting properties making it feel like a high end eye cream. Total winner here.

Have you tried this or any of the Dirty Works range?


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