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Fashion and Makeup Taboos You SHOULD Break

As I have started off the month with my beauty commandments I decided to carry on with the fashion and beauty rules that you should be breaking! There used to be a time when everything in your wardrobe was governed by strict rules on what to wear and more importantly not what to wear. But over the decades as fashion has evolved, many trends have broken these rules and changed the way many of us view fashions. However, such long instilled taboos can be hard habits to break, and there are still some of course that should remain NO-NOs! The fashion gurus at London Boutiques have given the low down on the latest fashion taboos that were made for breaking:

Taboo: Handbags and Shoes Should Always Match

If you still play by this rule, then this should be the first one you break. Go out and a buy a bright and bold handbag right now and don’t worry about the shoes. This taboo is a long instilled one that we still see people thinking they need to stick to today. But with such exciting new styles and designs of shoes and handbags that come nowhere near matching with anything else, then why restrict yourself? If you like something, you should enjoy it regardless of whether it matches anything. Even if it clashes, that is another taboo that can be firmly nipped in the bud!

Taboo: Glitter and Sparkle Is For The Evening Only

If you feel like sparkling in the daytime, you go for it girl! In this era, its all about the glitter and the sparkle, regardless of the time of day or the occasion. There are gorgeous shimmery tops and blouses that are perfect for the office, and cute glittery pumps that can be worn anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to go overboard and where that bright sparkly flapper dress to the supermarket, but there are subtle ways of bringing a touch of glitter and sparkle to your day.

Taboo: Black and Brown Don’t Mix

We have always wondered where this silly notion came from? Really, black and brown are the perfect colours to mix, especially during winter. We regularly don brown boots with black jeans or a black leather jacket with a brown blouse. And what about the recent trend of black boots with block tan around the top? This is one fashion rule that was most certainly made to be broken.

Taboo: Clashing Colours are a NO-NO
This taboo was broken quite a while ago now, when the first spate of trends came around that teamed vibrant clashing colours, and more recent trends have dared to do the double clash, colours AND prints. However subtle or bold you choose to go with it, don’t be afraid to wear clashing clothes and accessories, whether its red shoes with a pink dress or even just gold and silver jewellery together (or a subtle nod in the black/brown direction), it’s a trend taboo that has long since been broken.

Taboo: Maxi Dresses are a Summer Trend ONLY
This taboo is much more recent and seemed to creep up a few years ago around the time maxi dresses made their first major appearance, which happened to be during the spring/summer season. But just because they were first seen during summer, doesn’t mean they have to be restricted to this. Look around the shops now with all the fabulous new AW13 fashions on display and you will find maxi dresses play are still going strong, if not more so than in the summer!

Yes I have used this picture again. The reason? I love her!

Now we have fashion covered, onto makeup...

Taboo: Match foundation to your jawline.

Your jawline’s angular shape can cause unintentional shadows, leading to a too dark shade, and I have learnt this from experience unfortunately! The best indicator? Your chest. The goal is to find a shade that seamlessly blends into your natural skin tone - and matches the rest of your body, says Strand. The chest is the only other area that’s exposed to the same amount of sunlight as the face. By matching your base to your chest’s skin tone, you won’t risk looking ghostly pale or unnaturally dark.

Taboo: Focus on Eyes Or Lips - Not Both

The traditional advice is that you should always pair a smoky eye with a nude lip, and pair a statement-making lipstick with understated eye makeup. But unless your idea of a “smoky eye” is three pounds of thick charcoal shadow (in which case you might want to take it easy in general), there’s no reason you can’t have both. Frankly, to focus only on one feature tends to make the rest of the face look a little unfinished. There’s nothing wrong with dramatic dark eyeliner and look-at-me-red lips inhabiting the same face during a night out on the town.

Taboo: Don’t Wear Eyeliner or Mascara on Bottom Lashes

Some conventional wisdom warns that dark eyeliner or mascara on the bottom lash line can age a face. Unless you have unusually small or very deep-set eyes, this rule is nonsense in my opinion. Applied properly, without clumping or smearing, there’s nothing about lining or tinting your bottom lashes or lash line that brings out crows’ feet, baggy eyes or dark circles. Invest in a mascara with a fine brush that will let you precisely shade each lash, Benefit They’re Real! is actually perfect for this, and if pencil eyeliner looks too harsh, go with a soft powder liner instead.

Volia! There you have some of  the fashion and makeup taboos you should break, what are yours? Anymore you can think of?

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