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The Rose Cream Obsessions

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Like most things in life, I am a creature of habit. Nude lips? Check. Too much mascara? Check. But recently I have somehow ventured away from my scent of choice, vanilla, for a equally girly scent, rose, even if so far this only extends as far as creams. I do think I am now showing my age as I am using hand cream daily in the form of the Jurlique Rose Hand Cream* (£18). I finally see they fuss with not having dry, wrinkled hands (who would of thought?), and this cream is ideal for a beginner like me as its not greasy or sticky, so doesn't leave a awful after feel. Its lightly scented too, so even my vanilla tastes can fully accept this cream into my routine.

I've also been using the Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Cream* (£36 for the full size, not this sample one) which has been a luxurious treat for me since Palmers Cocoa Butter is as extravagant as I get. Cream wise at least. Of course this Aromatherapy Associates isn't a competitor in price wise (bit of a difference), but this does deliver in thickness, scent and well, just pure luxury. This is most heavenly body cream I've ever used, and this light floral rose is a very welcomed addition to my latest rose obsession. I just need to tackle a rose candle next. 

Are you a fan of rose scents?

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