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The Current Lip Favourites

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Why am I so rubbish with lip products? They are one thing I am really not brave with. They are right there in the middle of your face, so if the colour is wrong everyone knows and can see my failed attempts at lip bravery. So while these favourites may verge on very safe choices, least with these I can guarantee 

First is a golden oldies, the MAC Snob Satin Lipstick. My Snob lips. This light neutral pink, that I've fallen back in lust with. More cool cool than neutral but is a lovely milky pink shade with a sort of lilac undertone. Yet being one of MACs Satin formula lipsticks, Snob almost appears to lean more on the matte side. My fail safe pink, and one I always feel like I am being brave with when I'm stepping out the nude world. 

The Jurlique Rose Love Balmhad to make appearance, because what is the point in any lipstick if my lips are chapped? Being a special edition of their Tangerine scent balm, this is free of nasties with just the right consistency for a – not too gloopy or soft, and the scent of roses isn’t too overpowering.

Another lipstick making itself known in my bag is the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Supernude. Oh just my nude favourite, my warmed toned nude that gives the your 'lips but better' look, and my first steps into the world of brown-ish lipsticks. Yet I do think in a few years I'll look back at photos with those 'what on earth was your thinking' thoughts. 

The lip liner, the Chanel Le Crayon Levres, the Precision Lip Definer in 34, A.KA the item Kylie Jenner made cool again. This beige, pinky-nude is one of those liners for a subtle fuller lip look as its practically the colour of most lips, mine at least. I would imagine it would be hard to go wrong with this liner, even if you're like me and had little (or no) talent in apply lip liner.

What are your current lip favourites?

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