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The Hair Volume Saviours

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If there is one issue I have with my hair it would be volume, well lack of technically. My hair seems to want to do anything except have volume. Kink? Yep. Frizz? Of course. Greasy? My hair has it sorted. That being said, I do have three items at the moment which are being complete God sends. For now at least.

Philip Kingsley Maximizer | My first port of call, I spray this all over my hair, although you could use this just on your roots, after shampooing and conditioning. In the directions, they suggest to gently blow dry for maximum volume, but to be honest I hate blow drying my hair so much, so it usually involves my head upside down and me wishing for volume. Luckily the Maximizer lives up to its name.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow Dry Spray | If I'm not using the Maximizer in my quest for Victoria's Secrets hair then John Freda steps in.  Another blow dry spray that helps lift my hair from being flat packed to my scalp, and like its naturally got volume, not that false sticky up look.

Percy and Reed Bold & Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray | And if my blow dry attempts have gone wrong (which is often) then I fall back on Percy and Reed. This is true to its names and instantly puts life into my hair. Totally non-sticky this spray plumps up my hair, bit like dry shampoo really, but with added opphhm. I just need to make sure I give my hair a good brush through after spraying or I do get that dry shampoo white look. Great for my roots of course. 

So while obviously I've not quite reached the Victoria's Secret stage with hair, I would like to think I am making my way there. One volumised hair flick at a time.

What are your volume saviours?

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