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The Unglamorous Beauty

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I had to choose this picture as she looks how I feel when I have to look at some of the unpretty makeup items in this post. A this is saying something I love the colour grey, yet these grey tubs just are the most unglamorous things to put on my dressing table. Sigh.

First on my unglamorous list the E45 Cream. The 'help me' of all creams. There is rarely a skin situation that E45 can't fix for me. Plain and simple, but when your skin is being a rebel this is the one to make it behave. Instantly soothing and calming, many eczema and dry skin situations have been saved by this. Such unglamorous packaging, but luckily small enough to shove in my dressing table draw.

e45 cream

oilatum cream

Next is the slightly oversized tube of Oilatum Cream. For when my skin needs more than E45, a real emergency sort of cream, in one ugly big tube. Not only for my eczema but Oilitum is also a complete savour on my hair line when all it wants to do it flake. Yes naturally this does make my hair greasy, but when you sleep alone (minus the cat) it doesn't really matter.


Lastly (and potentially the most unglamorous) is Sudocream. This one is no secret is it? In two words? Spot. Savour. Whoever initially thought they would put nappy rash cream on their spots is a slightly questionable genius. In a pretty ugly grey tub, this can't even remove spot glamorously (if there is such a thing) as first comes the white blob you have to tolerate, secondly is making sure you don't forget this white blob on your face and either smudge it like warrior face paint or worse smudge it into your mouth. Not speaking from experience of course...but lastly does come a less angry looking spot.

What are your unglamorous beauty products?

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