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The beauty mistakes I am glad I made

The beauty mistakes I am glad I made, over plucked eyebrows, dying my hair, conditioning hair, racoon eyeliner, bronzer,

It was only half way through writing this post (I was writing my 'mistakes' first FYI) that I realised I might actually insult people with this post, and that really isn't my intention. So let me start, the word 'mistake' in the post is a very loose term, and only a 'mistake' for me - if any of the below work for you then I am insanely jealous...I do not like learning the hard way.

1. Over plucking my eyebrows, again.

What is that old saying, 'hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me.' Well me and my tweezers are having that sort of relationship currently. I have let them get their way once leaving my eyebrows (or lack of), just stupidly over plucked that I can't even describe a shape. So what did I do recently? I did it again...because when you don't suit thin brows for numerous reason of course I would go through the pain twice. Twit.

2. Dying my hair brow.

This one is the reason for my very PC intro to this post as I realised I was probably going to insult half the people who may actually read this. Brown hair is amazing, and that was my issue, as I love it just that bit too much that I wanted to join the club. What I failed to realise is that it looks great on others, and that no, I did not look like Cheryl Cole (current name?!) once the dye had covered my blonde tresses. Washed out, puffy faced, pale and natural hair that was in fact lighter was what I ended up with - see my problem?

3. Never conditioning my hair.

For some reason I was under the elusion that using conditioner on my fine hair would just make it limper and even more lifeless. But then I learnt, so did badly conditioned hair. I don't use loads, but starting at about ear level, I do use enough now for my poor hair to get some looking after, and to be finally appreciated by the head that it lives on.

4. Racoon Eyeliner 

This was due to my gothic stage I went through as teen, nothing wrong with the gothic look I may add, but when your like me and can't pull off the gothic look then it isn't such a good idea. I just wanted to look like Avril Lavigne/ Ashlee Simpson, but I just wasn't cool enough. Yet without this epic mistake, and Facebook evidence, I would not of found my beloved cat eye style liner, which I would like to think is much more flattering. 

5. Lack of bronzer

More so matching my ears with my face, as even with bronzer I still very much like my pale look. Yet this showed me quite how much I was wearing as my ears often looked like they either weren't mine, or that I had brought joke stick on ears (plus it doesn't help I have big ears). It took me surprisingly long to remember I actually have ears, and am very glad I went all those time forgetting them as I have hopefully ended up with a far more natural glow. 

What beauty mistakes are you glad you made?

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