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Clinique On The Spot Treatment

Clinique On The Spot Treatment Review

Clinique On The Spot Treatment

It has been on of those months where my skin is acting like a moody teens. Every morning seems to bring me a lovely new surprise, in spot form. Just what I want at 23. I tired out all my typical spot treatments that have never let me down, except this time they did. Nothing was working, if anything they seemed to be enjoying the extra spot treatments and I swear it was like feeding them.

As I mentioned when I got my Clinique Moisture Surge Cream sample, I also picked up a sample of the Clinique On The Spot Treatment. This pot is obviously not a sample, or Clinique would be getting very generous, this is the full size 30ml bottle. So as you can guess, I was sold on the sample.  Clinique On The Spot Treatment has been heavily advertised recently as a blemish solution, and being Clinique I was instantly drawn as I knew their products wouldn’t kill my sensitive skin. This is a pretty multi purpose treatment, being able to be used over and under face creams, as well as foundations. The clear gel sinks right up and as expected does sting if my spot is particularly angry (or been squeezed...), forming a almost cling film like layer.

The good thing about On The Spot is that it doesn’t work any better the more you apply, meaning a lot of product does go a long way. And you really wouldn’t want to apply loads anyway, the hard cling film look is not desirable, not that I am aware anyway. After the first night of applying this I noticed the next morning the redness of my blemishes had been reduced, and over about a course of a week my skin was totally clear. Yep. Even those beautiful red scar like marks had been significantly reduced and much more coverable with my makeup. 

Never did I think I would see the day that Sudocrem would ever be beaten in terms of spot treatments, but Clinique On The Spot Treatment has done just that. Admittedly more pricey, but I think most people would pay any amount to get clearer skin. I would highly recommend getting a sample if your still not sold, but if you have any blemishes I can’t keep repeating how you need this in your life. 

Clinique On The Spot Treatment £25

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